First Aid in Rugby

World Rugby First Aid in Rugby Level 1

Course Cost: £35/ £100

APPLY for the World Rugby First Aid in Rugby Level 1

Injuries are a part of any contact sport. Serious or life-threatening injury in Rugby is, however, rare. The outcome of many injuries can often be improved by very simple first aid skills from bystanders until emergency help arrives. 

Such bystanders may be parents, club officials, coaches, referees or even other players. The World Rugby FAIR Level 1 aims to equip with some of the basic skills you may need if you ever found yourself in such a situation.

Course Content

On successful completion of the course, a pitch side responder will be able to:

  • Plan and risk assess for potential emergency situations at sports grounds.
  • Appreciate safety hazards for a first aider.
  • Protect the neck and perform an assessment of airway, breathing and circulation.
  • Recognise the difficulties in telling major and minor injury apart in the early stages – particularly head injuries
  • Recognise cardiac arrest and perform effective basic life support and safe defibrillation.
  • Initially manage a potentially spinally injured player safely in an emergency situation.
  • Understand the role of the first aider in the chain of survival.
  • Manage common limb injuries including sprains, strains and fractures.
  • Activate appropriate help  

Course Outline

This course is delivered by World Rugby Medical Educators*, and will last approximately 8 hours.

*Healthcare professional or other persons on application with World Rugby Level 2 ICIR or equivalent training and the World Rugby Medical Educator accreditation.


Completion of online pre-requisites and full attendance required. This course is competence based and involves on-course appraisal. It involves both classroom and outdoor practical activities, where coaches will be expected to participate fully in all sessions. 


Please contact Claire Scott: | 0131 346 5167 should you have any questions