Great clubs attract and retain excellent people in a range of roles and are committed to developing them. This section provides guidance on how your club could recruit, develop, support and recognise its volunteers, coaches, officials and paid staff.


Player Recruitment Guide (PDF)

Retaining Transitioning Players Guide (PDF)

Developing an U12 Girls Team Within Your Club (PDF)

Tackling Transition (PDF)

Transition Manager Role Descriptor (PDF)

VIDEO | Hamilton RFC | Scottish Rugby Club Conference 2017

Key learnings from Hamilton RFC on player retention is is to keep it fun, focus on the clubs culture and values and engage with the players families and the local community. The club is about more than just rugby as it’s important to provide a good service in a competitive market. Newton Stewart also launched a 4th XV that has given transitioning players somewhere to play. 

On Field Roles

Director of Rugby Role Descriptor (PDF)

Head Coach Role Descriptor (PDF)

Team Manager Role Descriptor (PDF)

Club Coach Coordinator Role Descriptor (PDF)

Youth Rugby Coordinator Role Descriptor (PDF)

Everyone’s Game

Off Field Volunteers

Volunteer Recruitment & Development Guide (PDF)

Volunteer Recruitment (PDF)

VIDEO | Volunteer Recruitment - North Berwick RFC Video Club Conference 2016

VIDEO | Preston Lodge - Attracting Volunteers | Scottish Rugby Club Conference 2017

Key learnings from Preston Lodge in attracting volunteers is to have a think of how you are perceived in the community. Preston Lodge have a one club approach, #OneClubOneCommunity and know that growing your role in the community helps open the club to new members and to encourage parents to have a vested interest in the club.  For volunteers, to think that people want to volunteer but you need to ask and making the roles manageable by breaking them down into small tasks. Make everyone feel welcome and part of the club – and good communication both internally and externally is crucial in helping with that. 

Off Field Volunteer Roles

President Role Descriptor (PDF)

Secretary Role Descriptor (PDF)

Treasurer Role Descriptor (PDF)

Club Child Protection Officer Role Descriptor (PDF)

Match Day Programme Editor Role Descriptor (PDF)

Entertainment Committee Member Role Descriptor (PDF)

Social Convenor Role Descriptor (PDF)

Fundraiser Role Descriptor (PDF)

Bar Convenor Role Descriptor (PDF)

Club Volunteer Coordinator Role Descriptor (PDF)

Recognising and supporting volunteers

Scottish Rugby Sample Questionnaires for Club Surveys

One of the ways to establish what people think about your club is to create an online survey. Such surveys are relatively easy nowadays through software such as SurveyMonkey and Google Forms . These and other survey software programmes allow you to create and send surveys to targeted audiences and analyse the results. The software will guide you through the survey process from creation to analysis and are generally free for short simple surveys with cost coming in where there are extensive questions and logic (where the next question asked is dependent on the previous answer) is used.

Below you will find a number of typical questions you could use to ask players, coaches and members to find out areas of strength and where work needs to be done to continue to develop your club - whether that is on-field in how you recruit and retain players or off-field where members' and visitors' experience is vital to income. These questions are in no way exhaustive and you may wish to tailor them to suit your own needs.

Typical Questions for the Rugby Community (PDF)

Typical Questions regarding Club Management (PDF)

Typical Questions for Players (PDF)

Typical Questions for Coaches (PDF)

Typical Questions regarding Facilities (PDF)

Off Field Employed Jobs

Club Business Development Manage Role Descriptor (PDF)